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Branding is a discipline that starts at the top of any organization, regardless of size, industry, B2B/B2C, or any other possible business variable -- the core principles of branding remain the same, but strategies and tactics will change. A strong brand platform, when embraced and consistently applied throughout an organization, will lead to powerful synergies. It not only enhances the external perception of the brand but also fosters a positive and aligned internal culture that contributes to overall business success.


Steve Elser has been a marketing professional since two weeks after graduating from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He's  worked at three different ad agencies -- all  in NYC -- then did some marketing consulting work before jumping to the buy side as marketing director for PCSB Bank . It was a refreshing change because it allowed him to see this business from a new perspective. The opportunity to apply everything Steve learned on the agency side to one brand 24/7/365 was both satisfying and enlightening.


The true epiphany from his years at PCSB was witnessing the power of branding and the discipline it takes to harness that power. The culmination of all Steve's valuable experience on both the agency and client side of marketing has resulted in SAGE BRANDWORX. Branding is his specialty and he is anxious to work with any business that is serious about bringing their brand to the next level. Click here to get in touch!

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The SAGE Story

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