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  • Stephen Elser

What is Branding?

The word branding is used interchangeably in business to mean many different things. Essentially, branding is the process of creating an identity or personality for your company. This allows potential customers to connect with your brand and decide if the product(s) or service(s) you offer is consistent with their personal preferences. Effective branding will encourage a positive emotional connection with your customers that results in loyalty, or what I refer to as branding nirvana.

Think about the different brands you use everyday -- household items, clothing, technology, transportation, food, beverages, online shopping -- the list goes on. Sometimes the brand is irrelevant and you'll just purchase an item with the best price. But often you'll choose a product or service because of your connection with a specific brand. What contributes to this connection that makes you come back for more? Is it your prior experience, a trusted recommendation, an online review, an ad that you've seen online, or on TV? Recent studies have shown that today's consumers tend to choose brands that align with their personal value system. So what your brand stands for, beyond just product/service features and benefits, has never been more important. Does your brand truly represent your business? Let's chat.


Steve Elser

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